Geografix is an experienced and passionate team dedicated in creating hand drawn personalized maps as communication tools and marketing collaterals for economic development.

Since 1998, Geografix has established a track record and expertise with a concept of 3D promotional maps specifically designed to serve governments and large corporations.

Our highly appealing map images are completely customizable. They present the messages of corporations and government agencies and are distributed in trade shows, conventions, Business-To-Business and Business-To-Consumers communications.

Geografix offers complete design and publication services as well as Internet applications for smart phones and electronic tablets that put our clients one click away from national and international markets.



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About us


One picture that says it all
They are artistic map of territories, with an attractive visual aspect, which gives them a human and aesthetic form of expression.

Maps which favour by illustrations the attraction rather than advertising. 

Maps focusing on the economic vocation of territories and on the quality of life which we find there, the green and blue space environments.

They are enhanced with illustrations of the territorial infrastructures such as the ports, the airports, the roads, the bridges, the interchanges, the landmarks, and the real estate infrastructures of economic vocations.

An exceptional source of informations and reference.

The scale of the map is evaluated is order to dedicate the maximum of space and visibility to infrastructures and real estate chosen of the strategic economic activity which our maps engender.

Geopictorial maps are effective to attract, secure, consolidate so therefore attract the investors.

A sure assets for any activity of prospecting and promotion.

They are marketing collateral for congresses and presentations(, useful in trade shows, conventions, and for the Business-To-Business communications.
They show all the advantages of the territory, its dynamism, its growth and its full potential.
It is at the same time a credible map, visual and refreshing cartographic medium which makes the territory easy to understand and navigate, just like a road map.
Companies and governments can personalize our maps to target particular objectives such as sectorial business sectors, development policies economic, recruitment, trademark branding.
The image of the territory goes then further than a simple advertising information, it becomes a cartographic truth.

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Effective communications tools to consolidate, reassure the investors and so attract them.

Taking into consideration the fast and dynamic growth of the territory’s economy of and the new infrastructural economic conditions of real estate to address this growth and , an added value of our cards(maps) allows by their acuteness and their attractiveness to compete with any national competition and global to convince and attract the local and foreign investors.

Companies and governments can personalize our maps allowing to target themes and precise objectives such as promotion of sectorial economic activity, recruitment policies, cultural, touristic attractions etc.

Our maps visually present clusters of companies which confirm the economic growth of territories to attract new industries, and the development of new markets.

Any government or associative body eventually needs what his the best and of more relevant and efficient in terms of communications tool to promote its territory.

To reach this goal, Geografix proposes personalized projects accompanied by self-financing programs.

These tools aim to be complete, and objective to serve as useful reference for all and declinable to adapt to the needs for the penetrations of markets,

Conveyed on our maps, the expansion and the economic growth are demonstrated and so the noticed, appreciated and especially kept, and so distance itself from the competition.
Our maps are ideal for the identification of precise industries, tourist attractions, shopping malls, campus, and much more.
Nobody throughs away maps like ours, they even become collectors items.

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One for all, all for one.
Our maps are ideal for the identification of precise community closters of industries, tourist attractions, shopping malls, campus, and much more.

Geografix invites a governmental representative to become the mentor of a Geopictorial ™project of his territory.

Geografix on behalf and with the support of his mentor, does the canvassing to companies and organizations which will be proposed to joining the project to help gathering the budgetary complement for the fulfillment of the project. and in the same token to participating in its distribution,
The project becomes then a unifying community tool distributed on one hand, by the governmental mentor in its diverse activities of promotion and by the participating companies in their corporate promotional activities since they receive complementary copies and are included in the interactive map on Internet.
An unic and original way for all to advertise and be advertised.

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Dear Friend of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System,

In response to the success of the enclosed Hwy H2O/Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Seaway System Geopictural™ map and at the request of several stakeholders, the Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation and the U.S. Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation have asked Geografix Communications to create a third edition of the map. This unique mapping project has become an ideal vehicle for the promotion of Hwy H2O and all organizations associated with the marine industry in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway region. 

It is one of the most well-known and favorite artifacts utilized by Hwy H2O stakeholders throughout the Great Lakes!

The purpose of this initiative is to identify the transportation industry's key players on a striking Geopictorial™ map graphic of the whole Great Lake region and St. Lawrence Seaway System, seeking to promote the advantages of marine transportation and the opportunities therein, on a regional, national and international level.

Some of the benefits and advantages of participation in the map project are:

  • A powerful link to market showing who you are, where you are and what you do;
  • A striking 3D visual aid for trade shows conventions, workshops, etc.;
  • An appreciated premium for your customers, visitors and sales force;
  • Maximizes your exposure by display in influential offices and networks;
  • An ideal vehicle for positioning your organization among the business leaders in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway region.

A feature of this new edition of the project will be an electronic version of the map. You can visualize a demo at:  http://www.geografix.ca/map/gl2

The map is scheduled to be published by Spring 2018. All participants will have the opportunity to receive electronic and paper copies of the updated edition.

A representative from Geografix will soon be contacting you to further discuss some of the details of this outstanding advertising business proposal. It is a unique opportunity to show your business, logo and location in a prestigious medium that will be seen, used and displayed for years to come. In order to minimize your cost for this initiative, the Seaway Corporations are subsidizing the launch and set-up of this project.

Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in promoting the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System as the safest, most reliable, efficient and environmentally-friendly waterway into the heartland of North America.

Bruce Hodgson, Director, Market Development, SLSMC

Kevin P. O’Malley , Director, Office of Budget and Economic Development / CIO, SLSDC  

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