After the artwork is done then comes the printing time


1 - Poster format

Our Geopictorial™ full-size posters are suitable for framing and plasticizing.

As the legend to the map, there is a banner of the logos of the selected participating corporate sponsors with also a cartographic reference to locate them on the map with their web address to be seen at.

Example of corporate sponsors: Section of : High Tech Montreal: Aerospace © GEOgrafix Communications Inc. 


Therefore these attractive prints become permanent billboards in their own customer’s offices and other influential places.


2 - Folded format

A high-end folded 8 pages brochure 8.5 x 11 easy to hand out and to post.

It is a description of the industry according to the anchor sponsor mission with graphic presentations and photos supported by the visual impact of the map when you will unfold this format.

The brochure may contain also a description of the selected participating companies.

Where they are, Who they are, and What they do.


3 - Electronic format

After completion and release of paper formats of our maps, a second phase is to transferring all project information and database to the Internet as interactive maps.

Our trendy electronic applications are suitable for smart phones and electronic tablets that will put our clients one click away from international markets.


4 - Others   

Our poster format maps can be delivered laminated on wood and frames, plasticized, in larger frames for lobbies and conference rooms or much larger size maps suitable for outdoor billboards,