Governmental & corporate business development


The mapping of a sector of activities according to a governmental economic vision for business development purposes together with the cooperation and participation of the corporate citizens within the territory to be developed


Taking into consideration the ideal economic environment that a specific territory offers to attract more local and foreign investment, Geografix creates unique Geopictorial™ maps in order to provide the corporations, government officials, and various corporate representatives with an effective and customizable mapping reference.

Geografix offers customized and self-financing programs for both government agencies and large corporations who need to connect and identify themselves within dynamic industrial clusters. 

Financing by Governmental Anchor Sponsor and Corporate Sponsors

  • Geografix invites a major anchor sponsor to become the mentor of a Geopictorial™ map project of his territory. This means that under its direction and supervision, the project will be specifically designed and executed.
  • On behalf of the Anchor sponsor a selection of corporations and organizations of the territory will be invited to participate in his project.
  • The map will locate, identify and present these participating corporations. This means that they will have their name embedded directly on the master cartographic artwork. Their logo and website and the description of their activities will also be featured.
  • Participating corporations will also be present in the Internet format of the project.
  • They will get a number of copies to give away in their networks and by the same token they will promote the territory.

One for all and all for one

With the support of the Anchor Sponsor, Geografix assumes the responsibility of raising majority share of the projects’ budget by soliciting the participation of approximately 100 large corporate sponsors from a pre-approved list by the anchor sponsor of each project.