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The marketing collateral, your link to market


Economic markets are segmented according to geographic criteria such as boundaries of countries, states, provinces, regions, cities, or neighbourhoods.

Having realized that and to address the needs of governments to promote the economic development of their sectors of activities and the companies within to support their sales of products and services, Geografix communications creates the proper map media through appealing trademarked maps called Geopictorial™ maps to identifying territories economically.

It becomes evident that our maps are the ideal and effective marketing collateral to reach markets.

They are unique and original visual tools to communicating in time and space with national and global markets and to managing customer relationships.

These tools are also intended to enhance companies branding and to building long-term business relationships.



Our Geopictorial™ map production process 


A map is a visual representation of an area, a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of that space as objects, regions and themes.

Geopictorial maps are a kind of pictorial map created using some of the basic principals of cartographic generalization such as feature selection and data simplification.The idea is to reduce the real world's complexity by retaining only the desired or necessary elements and altering their appearance to enhance their visibility. Rendered in a bird's eye view style the maps reflect our street point of view along with the easier to navigate areal point of view. Sort of an all in one package. 

Originally a watercolour and ink artwork, the maps are now a mix of digital painting and vector illustrations. This allows for more flexibility and edibility of the artwork and ensure it's long life as the content can be updated at a much lower cost.

The first steps of producing a Geopictorial map are simple but critical.

1. Establish the map's agenda, its theme or purpose. 

2. Set it's boundaries, whether they are political, economic or toponyms.

3. Create a general list of traits or landmarks to be featured on the map.


Once that is done a preliminary layout is produced to test the effectiveness of the artwork and orchestrate the size and spacing of all the elements. 


Some examples… (Reality VS Geografix maps)


The Geografix Value Proposition


Our mapping projects are used as high-end marketing collaterals by promotion agencies, economic development offices, and various business or country representatives, as well as being spread throughout local communities.

They help attract new investments, clients, qualified talents or visitors by showing them in time and space the full potential of the economic assets in a specific territory and easily explain the development strategies and territorial advantages. 

They are a striking visual tool for trade shows, conventions and other presentations and activities abroad.

Our maps are useful to sales forces as a premium that will be noticed and kept. They may also be used in part or in whole to enhance existing publications and web sites.



 The split projects


Mapping the vision for business development

Taking into consideration the ideal economic environment that a specific territory offers to attract more local and foreign investment, Geografix creates unique Geopictorial™ maps in order to provide the corporations, government officials, and various corporate representatives with an effective and customizable mapping reference.

Geografix offers customized and self-financing programs for both government agencies and large corporations who need to connect and identify themselves within dynamic industrial clusters.

Financing by Anchor Sponsor and Corporate Sponsors

  • Geografix invites a major anchor sponsor to become the mentor of a Geopictorial™ map project of his territory. This means that under its direction and supervision, the project will be specifically designed and executed.
  • On behalf of the Anchor sponsor a selection of corporations and organizations of the territory will be invited to participate in his project.
  • The map will locate, identify and present these participating corporations. This means that they will have their name embedded directly on the master cartographic artwork. Their logo and website and the description of their activities will also be featured.
  • Participating corporations will also be present in the Internet format of the project.
  • They will get a number of copies to give away in their networks and by the same token they will promote the territory.

One for all and all for one

With the support of the Anchor Sponsor, Geografix will assume the responsibility of raising majority share of the projects’ budget by soliciting the participation of approximately 100 large corporate sponsors from a pre-approved list by the mentor of each project.